Village Government

About the Government

Learn about the government for the Village of Lexington

Meeting Schedules

All meetings, times, and locations are posted here along with meeting minutes and agendas. 

Village Council

Meet the council members and their roles. Contact them or apply for a position on the council.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission has the responsibility to prepare a master plan, which influences the regulations and standards in the zoning ordinance and any future changes to it.

Downtown Development Authority

The Lexington Downtown Development Authority (DDA) encourages new business and investment in the Village. Learn how to start a business and view the Village demographics.

Parks & Recreation

The Parks & recreation board is in charge of updates and renovations of the picnic area, tennis courts, a swimming beach, playground equipment, restroom and showers, pavilion and horseshoes within all parks.


Learn about the waste pickup and recycling that the Village of Lexington offers.

Mobile Home Park

Anyone interested in residing in Lexington North Shores should look no further all information and/or applications for the Mobile Home Park are listed here.