Water Department

7227 Huron Ave.
Lexington, MI 48450

Phone: (810) 359-5901

The Lexington Water and Sewer Department is responsible for ensuring state and federal guidelines are met for the delivery of a safe drinking water supply.  To directly contact the Water and Sewer Department please contact their office at (810)359-5901. The recent annual water quality reports can be found to the right. For an after-hours water emergency please contact Chris Heiden at (810)404-0625.

For new water or sewer service, water service shut off, or troubleshooting problems, call (810) 359-8631. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 3:30 pm

Final Bills

At the time that a residence changes ownership or tenancy, the seller or current tenant should call the Water Department at (810) 359-8631 at Ext. 104 to schedule a final reading. Please call two to three business days prior to the desired date of reading. The final bill will be mailed approximately 7 business days from the final reading date.

If the property is connected to the sewer, but not to the water system, the seller or tenant should notify the Water Department of the last date of responsibility and the mailing address for the final sewer bill.

Water Testing

The Village of Lexington Water Department offers bacteria testing at a fee of $27. Call 810-359-8631 for further information.