Please DO NOT put compost in plastic bags, make sure they are in properly marked bins. Bins should be marked with a X.


Emterra Environmental
1606 E. Webster Road, Flint, MI 48505
Phone: (810) 667-4885

Garbage / Yard / Waste Recycle Pickup

The Village Collection- Emterra does trash and recycling on a weekly basis, pick up is on Mondays.  Yard waste and compost will be collected from the first Monday of April to the last Monday in November. 

A spring clean-up is scheduled in the spring (dates will be posted in the paper and online) this pick up is held on a Saturday.

Weekly Pickup: Large Household Items

Customers are allowed one large item per week, such as a couch, chair, TVs, washers, dryers, mattresses.  NO SOFA BEDS AND CARPET MUST BE BUNDLED IN 4 FT ROLLS.  Freon must be removed from all refrigerators or freezers. Paint must be dried in the can. You can use sand or kitty litter to dry the paint. Customers MUST call Emterra USA to arrange large item pickup. Service is included in the monthly fee. Their number is 1-877-609-6753.  If you would like to contact Emterra USA or have a complaint, please use Please do not call the village office.


Holiday Schedule: Trash will not be picked up on the follow days should they fall on a Monday- New Year’s Day, July 4th, and Christmas Day.  Also, Memorial and Labor Days will have a Tuesday pick up.


As long as you have a green bin from the Village office, you may also put recycled items in other plastic/bin containers in addition to your green bin from the Village of Lexington.

Recycle Accepted

Newspaper, Plastic Food/Soap containers #1-8, Tin and Aluminum cans, Glass food jars any color, Paper board (cereal boxes, Kleenex boxes etc.) Cardboard cut to the size of 3 feet X 2 feet and bundled Magazines, Phone books, Junk mail, Flyers, Office paper, Shredded paper is the only recycle that will be accepted in clear plastic bags.

Recycle Not Accepted

Any chemical or petroleum containers, any food containers not emptied/ Rinsed out, any type of plastic storage/garbage container, Hoses, Straw, Syringes/Needles, Cookware, Glasses, Plates, Pots or Pans, Light Bulbs, Any kind of Plastic Bags, Any Medical Waste, Styrofoam, Packing Peanuts, Clothing, Shoes, Pizza Boxes, Cigarette Butts, Diapers, Nails, Nuts or Bolts, No Window Glass, Laundry Baskets, Flower Pots/Trays, Buckets/Pails, Scrap metal, Car parts, Window Screens, Computers or Computer parts, Toasters, Can openers, Silverware, Food, Electrical cords, Demo/Building Material, Plasticware, Wax coated cardboard, Glass block, Aerosol cans, Miniblinds, Chicken wire, Lawn equipment parts, Oil filters, Shrinkwrap Car mats, Vinyl siding, Doormats, Driveway markers, Toilet brushes, Seat cushions, Paint rollers, Paint pan liners, Clothing hangers, Plastic sleds, Printers or printer parts, Toner cartridges, Pet food bags, Fertilizer bags, Wax coated cardboard.