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    5502 Main St. Lexington, MI 48450 (810) 359-7201 https://www.thecadillachouse.com The Cadillac House originally opened in 1860 as a hotel and tavern and is one of the most historically significant buildings in the region. Today, the fully-restored Cadillac House again serves as Lexington’s premier hospitality and dining venue, as well as a gathering place for the wider community, the Cadillac House is located at the corner of Main and Huron Streets in the Village of Lexington, Michigan, a charming resort community on the shores of Lake Huron. The Cadillac House was Lexington’s oldest continuously operating restaura…

    5260 Main St.
    Lexington, MI 48450
    (810) 359-7680
    https://gielowpickles.com We’ve been making pickles for five generations!
    Making pickles is in our blood. When our family began making pickles in the early 1900s, our goal was to make the highest quality pickle at a competitive price. Today, our goal remains the same. The use of automated packaging equipment, direct contact with growers across America, and the buying power of the market leaders enable Gielow Pickles to accomplish our goal. We look forward to being your pickle, pepper, sauerkraut, and relish partner.…
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