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Zoning & Development

Lexington’s small-town feel, access to water, and family-friendly atmosphere are what make it such a great community to live, visit, and invest in.

To ensure future development maintains what we love about the Village while helping it grow in alignment with master plan goals, the Village has adopted zoning regulations and standards that apply to ALL CONSTRUCTION including new development, pools, fences, garages, rehabilitation, and more. Prior to putting shovels in the ground, proposed projects must undergo a review process to ensure alignment with the Village’s zoning ordinance, resulting in a zoning permit. To ensure Lexington is providing the best development experience possible, it is actively working to implement and maintain Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRC) best practices.

This page includes forms, plans, and other information related to development review. For a more comprehensive overview, see the Lexington Guide to Development.

Conceptual Review Meetings (pre-application)

Prior to beginning any project, the Village encourages potential developers large and small to meet with Village staff and officials for a free, conceptual review meeting. During this meeting, the Village will review any available information, talk through the process, connect you with any other needed resources, and provide guidance on the next steps. To schedule a meeting, please contact the Zoning Administrator.

Zoning Ordinance & Design Standards

A zoning ordinance consists of two parts: the zoning map which shows the designated zoning district for each parcel and the zoning text. Determining a parcel’s zoning designation using the map and then applicable zoning regulations is the first step in any development project. If you are unsure of which district your parcel is in, the Village can help.

Zoning Map

Zoning Ordinances



As set by Village Council, Lexington charges fees for various zoning and development services including permits and reviews. The most up-to-date schedule can be found here. Lexington accepts cash, check, and money orders at the office.  


All zoning and development review forms can be found here under Land Use Permits.

Building Inspections & Permits

All building reviews and permits are handled by the Sanilac County Construction & Land Use Department. A project must have been issued a Lexington Zoning Permit before beginning the building review process.

Planning Commission Members

Chairman: Mike Ziegler
Vice Chairperson: David Picot

Secretary: Jackie Huepenbecker  

Trustee: Kristen Kaatz (Village Council)
Trustee: Wil Morris(Village Council)
Trustee: Steve Stencel
Trustee: Doug Roehl
Trustee: Mike Fulton
Trustee: Tim Regan


Municipal Dept. Zoning Board of Appeals


Chairman: Tom Constantineau
Trustee: Bob Timmerman
Trustee: Bernard Havel

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