Boards & Commissions Appointments


Lexington is at its best when residents, business owners, and other stakeholders come together to push the Village forward to meet its goals. A major way that the Village progresses forward is through the actions of its boards and commissions. As such, it is essential they remain filled with active members.

Lexington currently has open seats on the following boards:

Prior to applying to join a board, we encourage you to attend a few meetings to get a feel for how a board operates. You must also be able to commit to the following expectations:

  • Be able to attend scheduled meetings to the best of your ability (conflicts happen – we get that).
  • Be willing to discuss sometimes contentious issues facing the Village openly and honestly.
  • Be willing to have an open ear to positions which may differ from your personal position.
  • Be willing to complete annual training goals (varies by board).

If you have questions about any of these commitments, please reach out. Lexington aims to make the board experience open to many people as possible, but minimum standards are necessary to ensure boards operate at the capacity necessary to complete their responsibilities.

Ready to Apply?

Once you’re ready to apply, the appointment process looks as follows:

  1. Download the application or obtain one from the clerk’s office. Complete and return to the Village Clerk.
  2. Village President reviews applications and makes a recommendation to Council.
  3. Council votes on appointment (it helps to attend this meeting, but it isn’t required).
  4. Complete orientation (Board Chair will reach out to schedule or provide information).
  5. Attend your first meeting.