Master Plan Survey Results

The Village has finished collecting responses from community members and have compiled all the data. This information is useful to us so we can be sure we are serving the needs of those in the Village, so thanks to everyone who responded! 

To many, the most important focus was downtown amenities and the waterfront. Many responders are interested in a downtown public square (with some bathrooms) and focusing on a pleasant, walkable town. The lakefront should have more space for activities and easier access to the beach and park.

There were other interests such as:

  • Adding a variety of year round housing choices to support a year round economy.
  • Attract small business
  • Fill the trailer park
  • Find parking solutions
  • Calm traffic and protect pedestrians
  • Electric vehicle charging

Check out the rest of the data and comments by clicking on the pictures down below. The planning commission will be using this data in the coming weeks to find what parts of the master plan will best fit the responses they’ve received.

Do you have any additional thoughts or comments that you would like to share concerning the implementation of the Village of Lexington Master Plan? 32 responses
  • Would like more small businesses and longer hours of opration.
  • Traffic calming
  • A store like the Spud Factory (Gaylord -Boyne City) would have been a perfect fit for the old Knoble House. The building on the North/West corner of our main intersection is an eye sore. The BP station looks better. I’m sorry but it boarder lines on blight. It distracts from the good things in the downtown area. In the past, when it was a Pharmacy it had open plate glass windows that looked inviting. Maybe tear it down and put a public park there. I know it wont help the tax base, but it is the front door to the Village. Blah!
  • We should be looking at incorporating the golf cart use into the community as we are becoming a golf cart friendly village and this also helps with parking as they require smaller spaces.
  • Based on customer needs, I have noticed a desperate need for a public restroom that is close to the shops. It’s inconvenient for people to have to walk down to the harbor or welcome center while shopping. Excited for the future of Lexington!
  • Blight enforcement, including dilapidated buildings
  • Parking solutions for the town center that accommodate cars but that preserve and enhance a place that is strongly pedestrian friendly.
  • Seeing our entire community working together, supporting/referring guests to other businesses within our area should be happening more openly and we believe in a government/owner driven quarterly, informal setting would be a huge asset to our area. If this exists, beyond meetings scheduled separately, we are unaware of it which could be another area of expansion/education. Having to attend 5 separate meetings isn’t always attainable for owners with other areas of focus (operations, families, prior events etc)
  • Police beaches better, recognize the beach at Foot of Lake St as a park, keep boaters(including jet skis) from pulling up too close to swimming area, need public bathroom, you need to recognize need for enforcement as well before visitors become out of control, each year , it gets worse
  • Rather than the ongoing mantra of “small town charm” – which only satisfies the older population who are “anti-change”, let’s focus on business development and reenergize and revitalize. Promote current businesses – instead of working *against them. Updates and new technology are *not the devil here! Refresh the look of the village with new signage and roads that aren’t full of potholes and cracks. Parking issues have always been an issue in the Village. Until that is rectified – we can not bring in new tourism. If they can’t park anywhere – they aren’t going to stay or visit.
  • While the Master Plan will develop any number of initiatives to enhance the area, basic community services, such as water and sanitation, fire, police and ambulance services, are not addressed. A regional approach (Village, Township, Croswell) would develop sufficient scale to support the level of such services that a growing, vibrant community requires.
  • Maintain the charm and small-town character of our village.
  • Yes. Do not sell the Municiple mobile home park to outsiders! Improve the park to add more homes. Has so much more income potential for the city. Absolutely no high rise anything or parking garages! No commercial eateries. Keep the quaint small town feel.
  • We need industry to support year round families, additional parking for tourists, try to expand downtown shopping & dining area.
  • These are more than one answer questions.
  • Some stores are not handicapped accessible. Can anything be done?
  • More winter activities to attract people year round so businesses can stay open all year and shrive.
  • Please add EV parking in downtown
  • Stick to the plan for once but prioritize the LNSMHP that will produce appx $175,000 in additional revenue per year. Enhance your asset, clean up blight, repair the crumbling roads in the park. If this master plan survey coincides with the villages Redevelopment Ready Community goal of searching for ways to enhance Lexington. the council who owns and runs LNSMHP should first prioritize a guaranteed additional revenue producer like their biggest asset the LNSMHP. If council wants a master plan to work and be Redevelopment Ready Certified, council should get off their asses and fill those empty spaces in the park first. Business 101 says take care of and protect your biggest asset; look for ways to enhance your current tangible assets and then look for other ways to enhance the potential village opportunities which in turn will produce healthy growth and additional revenue.
  • Need for tougher zoning laws… The mobile home parks look tacky and clearly detract from the view of Lexington as an upscale tourist Destination!
  • Harbor needs to be dredged otherwise boat tourism will dry up. Also more sidewalks to make streets more pedestrian friendly.
  • We need to address parking as part of the traffic flow solutions.
  • I am excited to see some of the hard work of completing this master plan implemented into the Village. There are so many benefits to having a strong master plan, may the next phase begin.
  • We need bathrooms up in the village . Not appropriate to have to send customers all the way down to the waterfront. Also lose the music it’s not the atmosphere Lexington wants to promote . There is plenty of music opportunities to attend in Lexington.
  • I’d like to see the regular maintenance of town amenities; it’s cheaper to maintain things than it is to replace things.
  • I think that there needs to be restrooms in the shopping district. Not all visitors are here for dining, and not all shops have public restrooms. I have actually seen people leave to drive somewhere for a restroom.
  • Include charging stations in the Downtown area and at the Mibile Home Park now rather than later.
  • The best use of the area designated for the parking deck would be a picnic pavilion with some parking spots similar in style to Marine City since it has the best public view of the lake in the village. Additional picnic pavilion should be behind the theater for the same reasons. Don’t pave paradise and put up a parking lot. Then construct these pavilion areas so that they could be rented and provide income to the village with a rental discount for village residents. Multi level parking deck should be built behind village offices or on deserted factory property north of Jets Pizza. Residents should have a free parking pass for the parking deck and tourists/others pay for parking. No parking on residential streets near Tierney Park. Village should use Sanilac County Transportation or purchase a trolley to transport people from the in town parking deck to Mobile Home Park public beach and Tierney Park with stops in the Main Street shopping district to help control vehicle traffic, overcrowding, provide safe pedestrian walk ability, increase retail shopping and promote the trolley transportation journey as part of the fun of being in the village. Also should be investigated if there is grant money for a vehicle purchase of an electric trolley.
  • Downtown has a serious parking problem. We are seriously deficient in downtown parking.
  • Keep the traditional small-town charm of our Village.
  • Control of small homes container home B&B VBYO. And all rentals should be license
  • We need a restaurant in town that serves a good breakfast.